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  3. To form networks encouraging teamwork and sharing of knowledge and skills


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ELOCOL magazine October edition writes

With nearly twenty artists on the LMM books, Shirley says she takes the time to get to know the musicians on another level and with the focus of LMM being a community based club around New Zealand, its already creating a positive effect.

“I love seeing people fulfill their dreams and I love making a difference in what I do. If you can touch someone through the words of a song, as opposed to you as a person, you don’t have to like that (genre) of music, but I can admire where it came from,

“It’s not just about the music, it’s about the people.” says Shirley





 A word from our sponsor and founder of Local Musicians Music and The LMM Network. Merry Christmas and have a fabulous New Year. I wish you all the best in the coming weeks and look forward to bringing you new sounds and experiences in the new year! Thank you for all of your support in making 2018 a very cool year for local music throughout New Zealand. Highlights include the release of volume 4 compilation album, Scott MCB filmed and released two music videos, Nate Kruse was a finalist in the Smoke Free Rock Quest for 2019, Ron Cribb has gone onto speaking roles for TV movies and sitcoms, Iveta & Simone are well on the way to releasing their second single and EP, many of you have been on the Dionne Show and had reviews by Muzic.net.nz thanks to Lisa Jones, we have all enjoyed performing at The LMM Network gigs and concerts including every Friday night at The Rocker Box in Thames. Lots of great covers bands now have regular work as a result of the work done by Shirley Howe founder of Local Musicians Music. Most importantly we have forged a lasting impression for New Zealand music and during 2019 will expand into Australia. 2019 might see a collaboration album of songwriters from both New Zealand and Australia widening our reach and the possibility of radio airplay ad lots more streaming opportunities. Well done team and thank you to all our friends, families and fans who have encouraged you all to have fun with music and dream big, succeed and excel. Keep up the good work and see you late January.

 We are excited to announce The LMM Network Summer Concert Series to be held at 94A Martray Road, Tahawai, Katikati RD3 from 11 am until 5pm. Early-bird tickets priced at $30 are limited to 50 so be in quick, children only $10. A fun filled day for the family filled with the sounds of New Zealand and guest local and international artists. For details on how to secure your early-bird email shirley@localmusicians.co.nz.

  Celebrating her recent singles release for “Lovelight”, “Reach Out” and “It’s Raining” LA debuted her album and a mix of covers at local restaurant/bar The Porch located in Waihi Beach. If you want a table RSVP is vital as seats are limited and spill outside :).

Please join us in welcoming IVETA & SIMONE to The LMM Network. Debuting at The LMM Network Summer Concert Series you can catch the sexy duo performing songs from their soon to be released EP.

 BnB 4 Bands is happy to introduce you to their new premises. Next to “Tahawai Bed and Breakfast” our new “Tahawai Cabin Retreat” will be built in readiness for Saturday 23rd November concert on the deck. If you want to get in early to enjoy a fantastic stay on opening day then check out the following link and book today. We are unavailable from the 27th December until 10th January (Photos will be available late October as the cabin is under construction. Fully furnished sleeping a maximum of 6 people, boogie boards and swimsuits highly recommend) TAHAWAI CABIN RETREAT 

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