The Band

Hailing from the underground rock scene in Wellington, Hault has recorded the first album of their career, combining metal, heavy rock and psychedelic influences into a pummelling sound that has rocked the Wellington region.

Taking inspiration from the biggest names in rock; Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Tool, Kings X and many more, Hault have spent the past two years perfecting and developing their sound, crushing it into an ensemble of heavy grunge rock guaranteed to destroy stereotypes of standard rock.

Whether in the studio working on new material or on the stage of Wellingtons best venues, Hault have remained devoted to delivering a performance not presently heard from original rock line ups.

The Wellington rock outfit—vocalist and guitarist Mike Cole, bassist Sean Fitzpatrick and drummer Grant Lister —not only know where they’re going, but have a rock solid history that brought them to where they are today. With the coming release of the band’s debut EP, Hault arrives with substance, style and a heaviness that captures their energy, love for great music and commitment to developing a fresh perspective on heavy rock.

A word from Mike Primalsound

After discovering my passion for guitar at the age of 23 I pretty much became obsessed with trying to create my own style of playing and songwriting.  It is a passion that i still have today.  I have been heavily influenced by the playing of Toni Iommi, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Robbie Kreiger, David Gilmour and many others, the biggest influence would probably come from the underground punk rock scene of the 70’s and 80’s.  What blew my mind about punk rock was the sheer power and simplicity of the songs and playing.

I have been playing in different bands in the Wellington region for quite a while, and it has taken several years to really develop my abilities as a singer/songwriter and guitar player. Time just makes you a better musician but so does playing with other band members. 

Hault came about with myself and Grant Lister, someone who I had played with before in a previous band, After a few jams we knew that we needed a good bass player, someone who could fill in all that empty space. Enter Sean Fitzpatrick.  Sean had replied to an add I had put up and came all the way out to Upper Hutt for a jam. After the first song his playing really impressed me and his sound was huge, this was exactly what we needed for a three piece band.  We have grown and developed a lot as a band and all share the same warped sense of humor. Hault will continue to progress through the ups and downs of this industry.





LA has an extensive career in the music industry. Performing and writing her own music from the age of 9. LA has enjoyed a colorful life as a musician and promoter of Indie artists throughout New Zealand.
LA’s new song “Don’t take me back” is her personal focus along with music video production. LA also known as Shirley to friends and family is the Founder and Manager of our nationwide project Local Musicians Music promoting NZ Music along with her more recently formed Nationwide music club “The LMM Club”.

Learning to navigate the ever changing internet and commercial radio station’s criteria has been a huge undertaking that has been met with interest from a number of songwriters, producers and music directors throughout New Zealand.

LA is winding up her summer tour to take on a management role for a valued fellow artist and to continue to grow her nationwide promotions business and The LMM Club.

LA has an extensive CV with a history of performances at Brew Craft Beer Pub Tauranga and Rotorua, The Limeroom and Cabana in Pauanui, The Pour House Hahei, Manaia Cafe & Bar Tairua, Junction Thames, The Peppertree and Mussel Kitchen in Coromanddl, Brew-craft beer pub Tauranga, Dogs Bollix, Civic Theater, St James, The Occidental and The Transmission House all in Auckland to name a few of the venues who have enjoyed her mix of original and cover material.

LA enjoyed her days as vocalist for original/covers band Road to Amber, The Collective along with acoustic duo LA Thompson and Chris Barclay and girl band Lace. LA enjoys a busy solo career.

You can now purchase LA’s songs on iTunes and direct from Local Musicians Music website. For a full compilation CD of LA’s work email her direct on shirley@localmusicians.co.nz.

Janne Guitargirl column in Sunlive – Spotlight 2017

LA Thompson has been writing and performing her own music from the age of three.

She has been a vocalist in original/covers band Road To Amber, and performed with all-girl band Lace. LA and Chris Barclay form their Dynamic Duo, and LA enjoys a busy solo artist career, performing at many local and national venues, including more recently The Limeroom and Cabana in Pauanui, The Pour House in Hahei, Manaia Cafe & Bar in Tairua, The Peppertree and Mussel Kitchen in Coromandel, The Brew Craft Beer Pub in Tauranga, and in Auckland at The Dog’s Bollix, Civic Theatre, St James, The Occidental, and the Transmission House, playing a mix of originals from her album ‘New Sun Rising’, and covers.

LA (also known as Shirley to her friends) is the founder and manager of Local Musicians Music, and formed The LMM Club late last year.

LA is currently on tour around NZ, performing her songs, and also working hard to promote and set up The LMM Club to help other singer-songwriters and musicians follow her lead and share their music around the country, promoting original songs and NZ covers.

Come along and hear LA perform at the Brew Craft Beer Pub on the Strand on Saturday 4 March 2017 from 4pm til 7pm.

 Globalrockstar fans write

“A real nice singer-songwriter but even more a supporter of other talent. Well done LA Thompson!”

“The things she has done for me and is doing for me, I can’t thank her enough! The support she has given me towards my music and so many others is second to none! What an amazing lady!!”

“Has my vote. She is a top supporter of fellow artists and goes out of her way to put them on the map. Writing good songs too.”

“LA Thompson is a talented musician and songwriter of the highest caliber, and works hard to support all musicians that she encounters in her travels, if anyone deserves this recognition it’s her!”





Auckland based musician Geoff Horne has been playing and singing since he was seven. He was born in Britain but refers to himself as ‘NZ bred’. His parents started him off with piano lessons when he was younger, then he found his way to the guitar a little later, after being impressed by the ‘twang’ of the electric guitar sound which captured his imagination whilst watching a high school band play George Harrison’s ‘My Sweet Lord’ when he was eleven.

Geoff is currently working on his first album of original songs, after many years of experience playing in bands and performing as a solo artist. Having worked in Australia, the UK and USA he is certainly well traveled.

A highlight in Geoff’s musical journey would have to be when he performed with the Doobie Brothers in 2011 at their concert at the Civic Theatre in Auckland.

When playing covers Geoff likes to cover a wide range of genres and styles although he does admit he has a weakness for rockabilly which he likes to describe as “a blend of 30s blues, 40s swing, 50s rock n’ roll and a smattering of 60’s pop thrown in”.

October 2017 is Geoff’s big moment when you will have the opportunity to hear his album in it’s entirety and purchase it through several retail outlets along with a digital version.







Kara Gordon is a force to be reckoned with on the local and international scene. Kara has opened and played for many amazing acts over the course of his career. Ozzy Osbourne, Joe Satriani, Glenn Hughes, Elton John.parliament and Slash are some of the great artists Kara has had the privilege and pleasure of performing alongside.

Kara has toured New Zealand, Australia  and Europe with Alabama 3, throughout NZ and Australia as part of the Fly My Pretties tour. He recently released his own blues EP produced by Barnaby Weir (The Black Seeds) and was joined by Nick Reynolds (Alabama 3) on harmonica. Kara is currently working on another album with his band the wreckage.



Ron Cribb is a talented Singer/songwriter and recording artist from Auckland, New Zealand. Having been born and raised in the King Country on a sheep and cattle farm in a small but quaint town called Taumarunui, Ron Cribb attributes his love for song from his humble upbringing in the country lifestyle. Ron comes from a large family of 14 and has been surrounded by the rhythms of nature.

Ron Cribb has a great ear for song writing. He has the determination to express himself in music in a way that captures the heart and paralyses the soul. As an up and coming artist Ron is totally focused on earning the respect of a loyal fan base, and at the same time break into the local and international music market.

Ron Cribb’s music is a blend of melodic and harmonic strains with no boundaries to genre fusion. His expression conveys in his music what he deems mature pop, delivered in a palatable manner. Ron’s style is a blend of genres consisting of pop, light rock and R n B.
Ron Cribb likes to challenge himself to better his craft at all times. Having tried his hand at media exposure for the likes of appearing on “Homai Te Paki Paki,” Maori TV 2010, also having won “The Singing Bee” TV2 back in 2009. Ron has won various singing competitions over the years. Ron is also an active member of the country music club circuit. Ron has also had the opportunity to perform at various major outdoor live events  e.g “Pasifika Festival 2012“, the “Grey Lynn Festival 2013 and local xmas outdoor festivals and fundraiser events.

Ron has finally channeled his calling into the realms of becoming a serious singer/songwriter and recording artist of late. His new debut single and Music Video called “This Could Be The Night” features Chikonabz a talented young female singer from Britain. Ron is making his mark as an artist determined to create his own brand.

Currently Ron is an active Member of The LMM Club which is the brain child of Shirley Howe also a singer/songwriter, her music name is LA Thompson. Shirley has helped give Ron a platform to showcase his own original Kiwi music. The club is dedicated to helping Kiwi artists perform their own penned material and gives opportunities to sing and perform covers of other well known Kiwi artists. Giving exposure as well and helping to build a good profile base.

Ron is not phased by conforming to current trends in music but being totally immersed in his own delectable style which he very strategically manages to cater for all age groups and cultures.

Ron’s main influences are Michael Jackson,  John Legend, Ed Sheeran. Adele, Ronan Keating, Celine Dion, Tina Turner, the late Whitney Houston, Dave Dobbin, Sons of Zion, Ardijah, Aradhna, Adeaze, Ria, Stan Walker, Savage Garden, Bee Gees, Fleetwood Mac, Brian Mcknight, and the list goes on.




NZ singer/songwriter Nate Kruse writes and performs pop rock and acoustic music as a soloist. Born in 2001 and coming from a town in rural South Auckland, Nate has wanted to pursue his music career ever since he was 9 after performing his first cover in his primary school talent quest. From then on his inspiration for writing music has always been his main priority.

Finding his own style of music that is different from the other artists but a style that could catch attention from different types of people has been his main focus. He has noticed an increase in electronic music which he enjoys, but he misses hearing music that consists of real guitars and drums.

Nate believes everyone has the chance to do something better than it has already been done before. He hopes to grab many different people’s attention and wishes that they can feel all of the emotions that he writes with.

As Nate pursues his solo career, he also performs as a lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist in a band of four; Mind Over Matter. His experience as part of the band has revealed his true passion and clarity that his future will be in music. The joy and inspiration people get from listening to good music is something Nate revels in and aspires to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Nate is currently working towards releasing a few 2017 singles as well as an E.P album.


Frankencopter are a 4 piece Rock band that explode on stage with Blues Brass and Balls! Inspired by the super rock and pop sounds of the seventies, they are a melding of AC/DC and Led Zeppelin performed by the love child of David Bowie and Tom Petty! Our songs vary in tempo and character, some are a mix of funk, jazz and blues, others clearly Rock that grinds close to Heavy Metal. A unique sound with plenty of bluesy Sax and formidable Guitars, all backed up by the tightest Bass and Drum sound this side of the Mississippi!

Don’t take our word for it…

Great for a party – when Frankencopter rocks out, you just wanna dance!

Cath Vincent

Outstanding sound and extremely entertaining. Their covers are so good (true to the originals, whilst making them their own) and their originals I’ve heard absolutely rock!! If you’re looking for a great band for a great event, then Frankencopter should be your first call. Brilliant!
Andrew Vesey
Great band with a fantastic collection of rock classics and some original songs. Heard them last week again. A must see.
I have had the pleasure of being at two of Frankencopter’s performances and they are fantastic! No matter what type of music you like, when Frankencopter play, you just want to get up and dance! These guys are top quality, professional and talented, with a wide musical repertoire that encourages positive expression from an audience. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Frankencopter for your next event.
Marion Jackson




Janne Guitargirl is celebrating her birthday on Friday the 8th so I hope you can come along and enjoy our club night in tribute to her for such outstanding work in the music communities throughout Tauranga. Without Janne many of you may not have participated in The LMM Club New Zealand wide community music club performing songs composed by some of our top and little known songwriters. Janne writes a column for a local paper showcasing musicians and venues. Janne has also submitted her second song for Local Musicians Music compilation CD following her debut track Seasons which you can purchase direct from Bandcamp. See you on Friday if you can make it to Tauranga.

New venue, awesome music for a fantastic evening of entertainment.

 Available on Bandcamp or signed copies can be ordered direct from this website or by contacting our artists manager Shirley Howe on shirley@creativdimensions.com.

Out now on Bandcamp and in stores mid September.

LA Thompson returns after a 3 month break from live performing. With special guest artists Geoff Horne to add a fantastic mix to LA’s music “LAce” debuts at Pepperjacks.

Come along and celebrate Janne Guitargirl’s birthday with our team from The LMM Club. Singing songs from some of New Zealand’s greatest composers with a mix of our own compositions. The LMM Club is dedicated to keeping it Kiwi.  Club members enjoy free food and everyone can enjoy the music. No cover charge and happy hour drinks from 5pm. Join on the night to enjoy club member benefits.

Next up for The LMM Club is our gig at Auckland’s Backbeat featuring several hot acts and special guests local band Barrelhouse. Toucan will join our fantastic lineup tonight. Unfortunately Anthony and Ron cannot attend our show tonight.

Please welcome Paul and Penny from My Pennysworth joining our great lineup on Friday. Only a few sleeps left before The LMM Club returns to Brew Craft Beer Pub on the Strand. Great food and a fantastic view. Come along for some sweet sounds.

Breaking news!!!!!! Geoff Horne releases his very first album exclusive to Local Musicians Music, Bandcamp and Geoff. A fantastic achievement and we all look forward to hearing him perform on the 17th August at Backbeat above the Rock Shop in Auckland. Album release party date to be set for later in the year.

The LMM Club is fortunate to be hosted at Brew Craft Beer and Pub in Tauranga and at Auckland’s Backbeat above the Rockshop. We are also sponsored a PA system from Music Planet in Wellington along with posters from Pressprint thanks to Andrew Smit better known as Whiskey Jazz sax player from Frankencopter. Big thanks to Janne in Tauranga for the use of your PA every month you are such a rare find in a competitive industry. Thanks to Nigel Parry for his continued support in Wellington and we wish you well Rob Whelan.

Thank  you to everyone who came along to our club night in Auckland, due its success Backbeat have invited us back on the 17th August.  For those of you who live in and around Tauranga or want a fantastic location for a weekend holiday then we are back by popular demand at Brew Craft Beer Pub on the Strand with special guest artist from Auckland “Geoff Horne”. Geoff’s single is featured on our homepage with his album pending a release date. Well done Geoff we look forward to you joining our Tauranga club members on Friday.

 We are very excited to announce a new addition to The LMM Club with Barrelhouse joining NZ Music month celebrations so please join me in giving a warm welcome to our featured band.

 Looking forward to a fantastic NZ Music Month celebration with Wellington club members joining our Tauranga team. Rob Whelan, Nigel Parry and LA Thompson are on tour as “Encore” acoustic classic rock/pop/country and folk mix.

Very excited to update our news for Auckland club nights. Kara Gordon will join Chris Barclay, Nate Kruse, Geoff Horne, Kerryn and LA Thompson for a fantastic lead up to NZ Music Month. Coming up prior to the 25th April are a few special events one is the opening of The Shady Lady on the 20th April with our very own Rob Whelan performing on the 21st April from 8pm until 11pm. We will showcase several club members every Friday and Saturday so keep an eye on the advertising via Facebook and eventfinder. Some very cool winter venues all around New Zealand supporting our local talent.

A word from our sponsor – THE LMM CLUB has enjoyed many high’s this year one being the release of volume 3 our compilation CD featuring 16 tracks. The generosity of the Music Planet in Wellington has seen our club secure the use of a PA and sound system which our covers band “Encore” will use to travel with during their tour representing The WLMM Club band. Several of our club members are now enjoying increased live performance work and increased interest in them due to the marketing of their individual profiles. Shirley encourages artists to promote their profiles, create good quality music videos and to continue recording and submitting their songs for promotions to radio. We have had success with More FM Coromandel, Radio Active and several digital radio stations playing our music. LMM has no control over which producers will add our songs to their playlists but persistence does pay off. It is time to release volume 3 on a larger scale using a New Zealand owned distributor which I will reveal the details of later this month. Thank you to everyone involved in helping make our club successful. Winter is upon us so lets keep the momentum going and have some fun!!!

Very cool lineup for April celebration!

Special guest artist Michael Wingfield will travel from Dunedin up to Wellington to join our Wellington club members along with LA Thompson making the trip from Coromandel. Huge welcome and thanks for supporting each other.

Huge line-up for our Tauranga celebrations

Next up is our gig at Carmen Jones featuring a bunch of very talented individuals.   Chris and LA are preparing for their guest appearance on The Dolly Parton Experience so you will get a sneak preview of The Dynamic Duo Thursday night.

Check out this cool video of a cover from Rob Whelan, Nigel Parry and myself from Sundays gig at The Village in Te Horo an hours drive before Wellington THE LMM CLUB BAND thanks to a fun day we are invited back to set up our music anytime in “The Shack” part of The Village complex

Tonight kicking off at 7.30pm Lone Star plays host to Wellingtons second club night hot on the heels of a successful opening night last month. Come along and enjoy club member benefits or as a non member be in the draw for dinner for two

Next up is our club night in Tauranga fantastic lineup of talented artists. Non club members are welcome and if you want to share in the large platters of hot and cold food provided to us by Brew chief then please pop your $5 koha in the little purple buckets with The LMM Club logo on the outside you can find these at our table and at the bar. Join on the night and be in the draw for a $1,500 recorded song and promotions package donated by Local Musicians Music founder Shirley Howe aka LA Thompson

Back by popular demand Whiskey Jazz will feature alongside our newest club member Geoff Horne talent not to be missed. See you after 6pm for pre-show networking and drinks with an $11 drink and nibble special for club members. Free entry for non club members with a $5 koha appreciated to cover the Sound Engineer Bob is appreciated

Fantastic afternoon scheduled for Sunday 19th March with Rob Whelan representing The LMM Club. Great signage thanks to the Keryn and her family we are in for a fantastic afternoon

Huge night at The Dogs Bollix Thursday 2nd March. You can catch out team at Brew Craft Beer Pub on Friday the 10th kicking off at 6pm till 9pm. Register you Artist Profile and Song Registration to secure an opportunity for $1,500 recorded song and promotions package

  Tonight the lovely Karen Davy will perform her own compositions and two special guest artists have recently joined our club and will perform from 7.30pm onwards. Don’t forget your $5 koha for our club if you are a non member. To be in the draw for an electric guitar with hardcase and a yamaha organ you need to donate $10 to our club or join for the low annual fee of $40 giving you free admission to all participating venues

We are very excited to be opening at CARMEN JONES thanks to the new management of an iconic venue formerly known as Kamo. Our team is looking forward to a great evening of networking and music. Come along and see who takes home a takamini guitar and hardcase. There are other instruments and gifts waiting in the wings for a new home. Club members will enjoy nibbles and drink specials. Non club members are welcome and a cash koha is appreciated

Huge opening night for our nationwide community music club The LMM Club what a fantastic turnout for our debut at Wellingtons Lounge Room above Lone Star in Tory Street. As a result of such a great night management has asked us back on Friday the 17th March kicking off at 6pm. Thank you to Rob Whelan for his tireless promotions, Emma Gatsby and her musicians friend, Gracious Deviants, Music Planet for the PA sponsorship, Dani for great pics and all of the friends and fans who turned up to make this one of our best club nights to date! Hosting our club nights is a highlight in my busy music schedule so I just want to take the time to let you all know how appreciated you all are. We have a great team and a growing culture of like-minded songwriters, performers, producers, camera and video people pretty much anyone wanting to network and enjoy NZ composed music of all genre. See you this week at Carmen Jones on K’rd in Auckland from 5pm Thursday the first of many club nights to be held once a month. If you miss out on the Thursday around the corner at The Dogs Bollix you can find several of our team from 6pm onwards on Thursday 2nd March then again in Tauranga on Friday 10th March. In each of our venues hosting our club nights the club offers different benefits to club members and non members are very welcome to come along and enjoy the social side of our meetings along with the awesome music. LAx

I am excited to announce Karen Davy Perrett  (click on the link to Karen’s FB page) will perform her own composition on Thursday 2nd February between 8pm and 9pm so don’t miss out on this rare treat!

Very happy to announce the lineup for The LMM Club opening night at the lounge room above the Lonestar in Tory Street, Wellington. Going to be an epic night. Rob Whelan is our official promotions manager and a fine job he has done promoting all of you in readiness for our once a month club night. Meet and greet starts at 5pm and I envisage the music kicking off at 6pm on-wards

Thank you to everyone who supports all of our members from The LMM Club. If you are a songwriter or love singing NZ composed covers and want promotional help with your live performances or to organize an EP or album launch then our team is a great network of artists ready to assist your journey. Contact shirley@localmusicians.co.nz for info or register as an artist

Chris and I would like to invite you to The Landmark RSA corner bar in Panmure for a great mix of easy listening to upbeat covers. We are available for bookings from March on-wards. We have a couple of dates available left in February for private or corporate functions email shirley@localmusicians.co.nz for info

Fantastic night at Brew-craft beer pub and as a result of a hugely successful evening we are back on Friday the 10th February and every 2nd Friday of the month indefinitely


Wahoo!!!!! Tonight is the night! See you on The Strand 5pm sharp for a fantasitc night of NZ music, meet the musicians behind the sounds. Your host LA and Janne our hard working promotions manager for Tauranga is looking forward to our first of many club nights planed for 2017. An exciting start to the year with The LMM Club opening in Tauranga. Spot prizes, musical instrument raffles. Hot and cold platters of food plus pizza free to all club members and more! Join today and enjoy free admission to all participating venues throughout NZ. Summer sounds by the seashore!

THE LMM CLUB NATIONWIDE NZ MUSIC TRIBUTE SHOW We have our singers, bands, sound engineers, and lighting for our first ever tribute show celebrating NZ music and musicians. Dress rehearsals open to the public are held once a month starting on Thursday the 19th January at The Dogs Bollix in Auckland 5pm doors open. Club member discounts,  non club members welcome, please bring a cash koha to be in the draw for dinner for two at one of participating restaurants, a years free club membership for a friend, tshirts, caps, musical instruments and spot prizes during the night

THE LMM CLUB invites you to a wonderful afternoon of music and scenery second to none at the Lakeside Resort.

THE LIMEROOM    has recently re-located retaining its great food and service topped by music to compliment the stunning surroundings. Join us at 4pm till 6pm for a Saturday session

Thank you Julz from BRO-CCAAB Chris Barclay and LA Thompson enjoyed performing for your fundraiser we wish you all the best and hope to be part of raising awareness about these amazing kids. The smiles on their faces it was fantastic to be a part of this awesome cause

THE LMM CLUB is back at The Dogs Bollix on Thursday 1st December for their Christmas party. Come along with your instruments and voices. Perform alongside our team for one night only and be entertained by Chris Barclay, Kerryn, Caro and LA Thompson. Join in the fun. Sound check 6.30 pm with Rob. Giveaways, raffles, beer and burger specials and more!!!

THE LMM CLUB Friday is around the corner and The LMM Club is riding a wave of successful opening nights with lots of good music, food and fun times. Manaia Cafe & Bar will play host to our 3rd club night. Discounted membership forms will be available on the night and you can also be in the draw for an acoustic takamini guitar with hardcase, The LMM Club Tshirt, mug and one years free club membership for a friend or family. Club member benefits on the night include $5 specials on selected drinks and a $20 pizza and wine

THE LMM CLUB is nearly here. See you for a fantastic day of music and giveaways, food and more!!!the-lmm-club-20th-nov-the-junction-psd_edited-2

Join THE LMM CLUB and be in the draw for your gift of a Takamini acoustic guitar, The LMM Club Tshirt, one year free membership for a friend and free entry to all participating venues. This offer is extended until the 1st of December where we will host Aucklands 2nd Club night at The Dogs Bollix

Huge success for THE LMM CLUB OPENING NIGHT  lmm-club-3rd-dec-16  fun times at The Dogs Bollix with my team. Check out our gallery over the next few days for more pics. We are back at The Dogs

VOLUME 3  the-lmm-club-cd-cover I am happy to announce we are taking order’s for our 3rd compilation CD. A great mix of pop, country, rock, blues and a little something for you surf punk fans. You have heard our songs, seen our music video’s now you can support NZ music and musicians and purchase our CD lovingly put together for you! My team and I would like to thank you so much for all of your support over the past three years. We have gone from strength to strength. You can pre-order our CD from our shop or LA Thompson’s Facebook

The VAC (Variety Artist Club)  vac-la-thompson-september-2016-vac help every 1st Monday of the month played host to one of our own club members. LA Thompson enjoyed being included in this great lineup of talented performers

The LMM Club Grand Opening is Official LMM_poster Final PSA Dogs Bollix 3rd Nov_edited-3 We have a great lineup of talented artists including Barbie Davidson member of New Zealand’s Variety Artist Club. Join our club to day and enjoy club member only discounts and free entry to all participating venues throughout NZ

Shirley Howe  Shirley Howe pic for marketing_edited-1  Founder of LMM is happy to announce!  Mediaworks which includes The Sound, Mai FM, The Breeze and More FM along with 95BFM are advertising The LMM Club in their Community News and 95BFM will also name all our Featured Artists in the lead up to opening night at The Dogs Bollix on Thursday the 3rd November. This is huge advertising for us and hopefully goes a long way to helping our nationwide NZ music club grow

Join The LMM Club LMM volume 3 cd cover  today and be featured on opening night New Zealand wide! Joss Bines is on the job designing a fantastic poster for NZ to get to know who and where we are!

Volume collective Logo Background

Please welcome Jake Tait and his team from The Volume Collective. Radio, music production, music video’s and more! A wonderful community initiative from a bunch of innovative talented people

The Dogs Bollix logo_edited-1

Breaking news!!!! The LMM Club proudly sponsored by Local Musicians Music will hold their very first club night at local venue The Dogs Bollix Thursday the 3rd November. Details on who will feature in our Band, solo and duo categories will be made available on Eventfinder, Facebook and advertised on local radio in the lead-up to our Nationwide Music Club

Check out pages 37 and 43 in NZ Musician magazine volume 19 for the latest story on The LMM Club and Local Musicians Music pioneering platform for emerging and established artists. Thanks to Richard owner of NZ Musician magazine first established 27 years ago in support of NZ music

The LMM Club Welcome to our nationwide Indie Music Club showcasing New Zealand music! Join now and receive discounts, free admission to participating venues, performance opportunities, nationwide promotions and more! Why NZ Music? So often we get to hear one good song written by a songwriter played over and over on the radio and hardly ever hear what else is on their album. The LMM Club offers a stage for all the thousands of great Kiwi songs to be covered by you!

LMM Club - NZ Musicians Mag

LMM (Local Musicians Music) is happy to announce our Nationwide Indie Artist Kiwi Music Club Open Night at The Dogs Bollix in Auckland on Thursday 8th September. Bring your instruments and NZ Songs. PA onsite no door charge. Resident Band available for those Artists wanting backing. To become a Club member please email shirley@localmusicians.co.nz or click HERE for your membership form. Proudly sponsored by

LMM new logo black background etc_edited-2

LA Thompson co-hosted Radio Dunedin Breakfast Show on Saturday the 30th April with Presenter Graeme Fyffe interviewing the stunning Tina Cross to name one of our high profile New Zealand artists!





Janne grew up on a farm. Her parents were share-milkers for a while so Janne’ earliest musical influences were listening to what her parents heard on the radio and on records. “They were both fabulous ballroom dancers so that’s where the rhythm came in I guess”. Janne still loves to shake it on the dance floor and can rattle a mean tambourine.
Janne loved music from an early age and got her first guitar when in primary school. Janne remembers cycling to school with the guitar slung across her back. Janne still has that very guitar, with the hummingbird scratch plate.
In high school Janne was a foundation member of the school’s Show Band as was good friend Glenn Carley, they had some fun times playing for school productions. The school had them doing odd jobs to raise money for a canteen to be built and because Janne raised the most money in the school they gave her an amplifier to go with her electric guitar. Janne went along to a local country music club for a while but didn’t like to be limited to just one musical genre.

The electric guitar was sold and the acoustic guitar stored away while her focus shifted to job, husband and children. The guitar had a brief airing for kid’s songs but not too inspired by the wheels of the bus, so back in storage again.

Many years later and single again, Janne picked up her guitar and found that playing and singing helped her through some dark days, it was a great healing therapy. Janne had never tried to write a song before but knew she was good with poetry and harmonies so decided to give it a go.

Janne’s first song was written towards the end of 2009 and many muscian buddies relate when she tells them it was a break-up song. Affairs of the heart do tend to bring out strong emotions to the fore and music is a healthy safe way to express yourself.

One day in October 2011 Janne saw on telly that the cargo ship Rena had run aground on the Astrolabe reef and saw the devastating effect it had on the environment and wildlife. Janne sat down and cried, picked up a pen and paper and in 20 minutes had written the lyrics to Bleeding Oil which now available on YouTube as a fundraiser. Thanks to the efforts and generosity of Kinsella Music studio her song was well-received.

Janne became involved with the Tauranga Acoustic Music Club and has formed friendships from this group that will last a lifetime. The relationships have enabled her to meet people like David Shanhun who listened to her songs and encouraged her to keep writing, Brendan Power who inspired her to pick up a harmonica and Shona Laing. Janne had been a fan of Shona’s from my early days of learning guitar. Little did Janne know back then that she would one day have the opportunity to sing a half hour slot of her own songs as the opening act for Shona’s concert performed in Tauranga. Shona has also been very encouraging of Janne’s songwriting.

Janne has been performing in the Tauranga region in several venues and in different musical combinations over the past few years, mostly garden centres, cafes, restaurants, pubs, retirement homes, at club concerts and music festivals, and more recently at open mic nights. This has enabled Janne to embrace many different musical genres as she loves to play with other musicians with varying instruments.

Janne has continued to write songs and with the release of her single “Seasons” is grateful to be able to meet like-minded musicians to play alongside and help her on her music journey. With the help of The LMM Club Janne has performed regularly at Brew Craft Beer Pub on the Strand in Tauranga and been a guest in Auckland at the Dogs Bollix, The Junction in Thames and will be invited to tour with LA later in 2017. “Thankyou LA Thompson for showing me how to continue to grow as a recording and performing artist.”