Singer/Songwriter, Mother, full-time employed in sales, Kerryyn has managed to fit into her busy schedule, work as a parttime performer. Based in Auckland Kerryns love of songwriting and her desire to share her own music prompted her to join our team at LMM.

Never missing an opportunity to be creative Kerryn involves herself in anything to do with music. With a family growing to adulthood themselves this has left Kerryn free to make music her priority and as Kerryns Boys are older there is time to focus on her creative self.

Kerryn is a story teller using music to express herself. Kerryn is planning to set off around NZ promoting and singing her music.








Geoff Shaw is a naturalised  Wellingtonian. Having moved there in 2014 from Auckland.  Growing up around musical cousins he was inspired to start playing aged 8 by older cousin’s, one of  whom still tours the country (50 years later).  Alice’s Restaurant has a lot to answer for!

He played as part of a duo over 5 years and now mainly solo and occasional ensemble, across blues and  alt country  genres but really anything that come out of a guitar and occasional mandolin.

Influences include Steve Earle and his son Justin Townes Earle, Wellington’s own Miles Calder and the Rumours and anyone from the 70’s and 80’s of great songwriters from Mark Knopfler to Neil Finn and southern blues.   He enjoys covering a range of songs and often in a way  which adds a new flavor rather than belting out a perfect replica.

Geoff’s songwriting  started a couple of  years back after moving to Wellington and his original songs sit across a spectrum of stories and genres from southern blues and the edge of jazz to country, swing and Americana.  He can be found playing open mics across the North Island, traveling with at least one guitar and occasional harmonica, getting inspiration from small towns, big personalities  and wide spaces.  He does a day job  that allows him the leeway to  follow his musical passions, playing and collecting guitars.