Emma Gatsby is a relatively unknown artist here in New Zealand.  She is however no stranger to stage and studio, having spent 17 years working in the music scene in the UK and performing most recently on stages at many well known festivals including Glastonbury, The Big Green Gathering and Bestival, where she has enchanted audiences with her unique style of music.  Her songs come directly from the powerful life experiences that have woven the fabric of her spiritual life and adventures in relationships.

Her powerful singing voice has afforded her the opportunity to sing live in the very early days of Massive Attack, who come from her home town of Bristol and sing lead solos for a performing gospel group… Brighton Goes Gospel.

Enjoying the 90’s dance scene, Emma wrote and co-produced Not Sorry which was white labelled and played on numerous dance floors in the early 2000’s.  During her time touring with Elliots Sleeping, a popular UK band covering powerful artists such as Alanis Morrisettte,  Annie Lennox and Sheryl Crow, Emma continued to write many originals, leading her to form the band Gaia.  Gaia started building momentum but soon folded due to Emma moving into motherhood.  She stayed off of the performing circuit for a while at that time but as always continued to write her compelling heart songs and worked part time as a session singer.

Returning to the stage after a six year break, Emma hit the festival scene as a solo artist, this time honing her material to the point of being ready for accompaniment once again.  She is now performing a selection of solo material together with some more developed tracks with her new band that consists of cello, acoustic percussion, Spanish guitar and bass.

Emma is currently performing songs from her soon to be produced album Stories in Song.