Geoff has been playing guitar and piano and singing since he was seven.

He covers classic and contemporary rock, blues, country, pop, soul, rockabilly and jazz along with selected originals and comedic interludes – all delivered via unique vocal and guitar styles to heighten the senses, loosen the mood, polish the patina and initiate a rare and unequaled ambience

Geoff is in throes of releasing his first recorded album after two previous botched attempts. This time he has captured the essences of life’s experience with a set of songs that reflect not only his observations and ruminations on the meaning of said life but also contemplation’s that others may have

Geoff has been fortunate enough to have enjoyed over 40 years of playing in bands and performing solo. He credits his passion for an electric guitar to a high school band he saw at age 11 covering George Harrison’s “My Sweet Lord” with its soaring guitar line. Something about that cry, captured his imagination and from that time on, the pursuit of the perfect guitar tone has been high on life’s agenda

Geoff covers a full range of musical styles & genres although admits to a weakness for rockabilly, which seems he sees as an almost perfect blending of 30’s blues, 40’s swing, 50’s rock’n’roll with a smattering of 60’s pop thrown in, with sincerest apologies to all diehard rockabilly fans

Geoff is based in Auckland, New Zealand and is happy to travel for live performing opportunities