Auckland based musician Geoff Horne has been playing and singing since he was seven. He was born in Britain but refers to himself as ‘NZ bred’. His parents started him off with piano lessons when he was younger, then he found his way to the guitar a little later, after being impressed by the ‘twang’ of the electric guitar sound which captured his imagination whilst watching a high school band play George Harrison’s ‘My Sweet Lord’ when he was eleven.

Geoff is currently working on his first album of original songs, after many years of experience playing in bands and performing as a solo artist. Having worked in Australia, the UK and USA he is certainly well traveled.

A highlight in Geoff’s musical journey would have to be when he performed with the Doobie Brothers in 2011 at their concert at the Civic Theatre in Auckland.

When playing covers Geoff likes to cover a wide range of genres and styles although he does admit he has a weakness for rockabilly which he likes to describe as “a blend of 30s blues, 40s swing, 50s rock n’ roll and a smattering of 60’s pop thrown in”.

October 2017 is Geoff’s big moment when you will have the opportunity to hear his album in it’s entirety and purchase it through several retail outlets along with a digital version.