Coming from a musical theater family I grew up on the stage, I was 6 years old when I first I remember performing at Opera House stage here in Wellington. It was for a DARE Campaign starring Nick Tensely from ZMFM or Radio Windy in the day.
From there my father involved me in shows and used to take me to band practice when he’d go. Performing is on only in the blood, it now occupies my whole being and soul to.
From 16 years old I was the leading singer (more like barking into the micro-phoner) and fronted bands. I was a wayward teenager with attitude which only music could put into check. As it turned out. My first band was Element, we quickly became the resident band of a bar called Cuba Cuba on Cuba st in wellington in 1995. We saved the door takings until we had enough to record. We paid $1200 for 4 or 5  songs and received a few DAT tapes for our efforts. The world has gone crazy since then.
That was it I was going to be a rock star and that was that. After 2 serious bands, Element and 6 Foot Thumb, appearing in movies, adverts and a long line of musical theater shows, becoming a stripper at one stage to support the dream, blowing out my voice twice, and a very blurry 20’s I finally decided that I better learn an instrument, so I learned a few..
One of the first things I learned about the industry as far as musician’s are concerned, if you don’t do it yourself it probably wont get done. With this attitude I lead each band I was in, arranging gigs, practices, equipment and running around after the boys. These years gave me a the experience I needed to take the next step in life. Studio 11. Or though I have only had it a short time, it’s a collaboration of 24 years of collecting instruments, experiences and failures that have contributed to what myself and the team of us have brought to life. I now run a fully operating venue, connected to a sound/recording booth, connect to a nation wide local radio station (Infinity FM).
I have already been fortunate enough to have had some amazing artist through and now work with every style from funk to rock to rap to singer/song writers. As these are completed, they will be released. As Studio 11 grows with LMM we will be looking to improve production levels and release one chart topping music.
Wellington, in fact New Zealand is a small place with a massive diversity of musical cultures and styles. I believe we will become the next hot spot for the worlds music, as we have with other movies and sports.
I believe the relationship between LMM and Studio 11 will help bounce some of our top artists to world industry standards. If I get my way, we will raise the bar using nothing more heart, passion and going back to less technical authentic ways of recording music.
Book one of my life is well finished. Book 2 started in June. Who’s in for some fun, creativity and meeting awesome musos from Wellington and being part of this beautiful thing? Because we certainly want to meet you, jam laugh and live the life we were born for, To play, live and love our music.