Justin Williams is a lyricist who grew up in the 80’s with a love of writing and music. Kiss and Meatloaf are a couple of his favourite bands. Music always felt part of his soul.

Unfortunately during a singing session at primary school it was pointed out that Justin didn’t have a good singing voice, playing instruments was also difficult but music and songs continued to be played at home.

Through the years he started to pay closer attention to the words his favourite singers put into their songs opening up the sleeve of their latest album releases and following the lyrics as they were sung through the tape machine.

On the last day of his schooling at Hawera High, he picked up a pen and wrote. What came out were some pretty rough lyrics but his passion had been ignited.

As the next few years rolled by more lyrics came and 3 musicians launched themselves to the forefront of Justin’s life. Those lyrics were turned into rough demos  some with a lot of promise and others…..well….

In 1997 Justin stepped back from writing, moved towns embracing new experiences and not a lot of time for writing.

Until one night in August 2016….. Inspired by a dream fifteen years earlier, Justin set to work and after twenty minutes a full set of lyrics were written. The desire had come steaming back.

With a new approach fresh material were being written while the search started for a musician to turn his lyrics into a song. In December 2016 Tobin appeared and that first inspired page of words was developed into “Wash Away”.