All the way from Vancouver, Canada comes the gentle light yet boldly confident songstress, Kara Lockwood. Kara knew at a young age that she wanted to sing her songs to the world around her. Creative play and songwriting were among her happiest of past-times. Kara was a shy child and teenager but music gave her a voice and outlet to pour her range of colourful emotions.

In April of 2012 Kara released her first album “Free Child” and since then has released two more singles, “Words Can’t Express” and “Quiet Yearnings”.

In 2015 Kara went on her first music tour across Canada by train hopping from city to city via Rail. Kara loves to combine music with her passion for travel and has recently made the move overseas to New Zealand. Kara has a second album in the works. Her release date for this second album is scheduled for 2019.

Kara writes about life, faith, the creative process, overcoming inner battles and the dreamier side of life. Kara believes in having a core group of dedicated loyal followers rather than being world famous. Follow along and become a part of her musical journey and enjoy the ride.