Laconic Zephyr have been building a buzz in the Taranaki Music scene since last year. They bring pop/rock/alternative sounds with strong cool rhythm’s and brilliant harmonies. People tell them they enjoyed the vibrant energy bought to the stage!

Laconic Zephyr got together in 2015 when Joss Bines met Jason Olsson and Kama Antrobus. It became clear as a 5 piece band they had something worthwhile. Drummer Glenn Smith spiced up the rhythmic drum beats. The combination works well with Mark Bines  (guitar and vocals),  Joss Bines (bass and lead vocals) and Kama Antrobus (lead vocals and percussion) who brings a unique edge that defines the band’s sound.

Excited with there sounds they will continue to lay down original songs. The band never anticipated the enthusiasm which critics and fans alike have found in their music.

For more info on this fantastic rock band visit them on Facebook.