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The LMM Network is open to everyone. Come along and socialize, be entertained by fellow club members. Enjoy New Zealand’s special blend of pop/country/rock/jazz in fact most genre of music is played at our club evenings. We have venues in Wellington, Tauranga and Auckland with expansions scheduled for Nelson and Christchurch in 2018

PERFORMING MEMBERS ENJOY THE FOLLOWING: (several of these specials also apply to club members who do not perform and come along to enjoy an evening of music)

  • National and International advertising through TLMMN
  • Free admission to all participating venues nationwide
  • Paid live performance opportunities
  • Perform NZ composed songs by NZ composers (originals welcome)
  • Members only enjoy 25% discounts at Bayview at 91 Bed &Breakfast (Whitianga)
  • Sponsored PA system for TLMMN thanks to Local Musicians Music continues sponsorship of our nationwide club

What is TLMMN? Our club is a nationwide music club. Focusing on NZ composed songs. We are a network of music lovers and recording/performing artists who want somewhere to listen to great New Zealand classics and compositions written by the performers themselves.

Can non songwriters/performers join TLMMN? Yes everyone is welcome to support NZ music and musicians nationwide

Where can I find a venue near me? Tauranga, Wellington and Auckland

What’s in it for me if I join to perform? Nationwide marketing. Meet fellow musicians, network and be considered for paid performance opportunities. Featured artists are advertised throughout NZ. Performance opportunities and the support of a New Zealand wide support network of industry specialists

What is the annual membership fee? $45 for the year

Do I need a membership card? No card is necessary as members details are documented and venues are notified as to whom can receive the discounts

Do I get any payment for performing? If you are on tour and want to be featured in another part of NZ TLMMN will try to secure a paid performance for you at our participating venues

Can I perform at the other participating venues during the year? Yes

Do I have to pay a commission if a venue hosting a club night likes my music and wants to employ me? A 10% fee is appreciated to help with the running costs of our club

If I wanted to go on tour will TLMMN organize my bookings? We will book you at the participating venues where your music is most suited


New Zealand's nationwide community music network. Enjoy New Zealand music in a social environment. Live music held monthly in Auckland, Wellington and Tauranga. For information please contact Shirley on 027 529 5916 or email :Direct credit Local Musicians Music :38-9016-0230987-00 .