Founder and Manager Shirley Howe (aka LA Thompson) bought The LMM Club to life on the 3rd November 2016 as a result of 3 years promoting emerging and established indie artists and their music to radio, producing compilations CD’s and moving into artist management. Shirley saw a need for NZ music to be more accessible so along with her teams desire to perform on a regular basis The LMM Club was born. The Dogs Bollix played host to the very first and highly successful opening night featuring 10 club members. Along with sourcing new material for volume 4 of Local Musicians Music compilation CD, Shirley is busy promoting the release of her own album “New Sun Rising”. As a recording and performing artist herself Shirley is well equipped to understand the needs of an artists individual journey in music. The LMM Club is sponsored by her company Local Musicians Music and club members give of their time. We are growing into a fantastic network of highly talented songwriters, producers and a pretty all round awesome group of individuals who love NZ music

Promotions Manager extraordinaire Rob Whelan
joined our team last year submitting a beautiful song Remedy from his debut EP. Without Rob’s tireless networking over several months along with my own marketing skills The LMM Club would possibly still be centralized in Auckland and Tauranga. Rob is an invaluable member of our team and LA is looking forward to bringing him up north to perform alongside our Tauranga and Auckland club members

The LMM Club has had the benefit of Janne Izett (aka Janne guitargirl) a friendly and outgoing personality Janne is involved with the open mic and music club scene in Tauranga. An accomplished songwriter and performing artist herself Janne registered her song “Seasons” with Local Musician Music adding another great song to volume 4. With our working relationship established and a strong friendship forming Janne took on the role of official promotions manager for our club. Janne also writes a regular colume for a weekend paper showcasing local artists and venues a huge contribution to local music

What is The LMM Club? Our club is a nationwide music club. Focusing on NZ composed songs. We are a network of recording/performing artists who want somewhere to perform and socialize. Non club members are welcome to come along and be entertained and/or join and support us. The LMM Club has several venues who play host to club nights once a month

Can non songwriters/performers join The LMM Club? Yes everyone is welcome to support NZ music and musicians nationwide

Where can I find a venue near me? Tauranga, Wellington and Auckland are secured once a month and by 2018 we will be situated in 6 towns and main centers

What’s in it for me? Nationwide marketing and a place to perform. Meet fellow musicians, network and be considered for paid performance opportunities. Featured artists are advertised in several venues throughout NZ

What is the annual membership fee? $50 for the year

Do I need a membership card? No but a temporary one is issued on the night of any club meeting you attend

Do I get any payment for performing? If you are on tour and want to be featured in another part of NZ The LMM Club will try to secure a paid performance for you at our participating venues.

Can I perform at the other participating venues during the year? Yes

Do I have to pay a commission? if a venue hosting a club night likes my music and wants to employ me? If the fee secured is over $250 then a 10% fee is appreciated to help with the running costs of our club

If I wanted to go on tour will The LMM Club organize my bookings? We will book you at the participating venues where your music is most suited