Tony Lee started his musical interest by singing along with his mum while she played the piano. He has a brief stint.

Tony learned piano and joined the school choir in Intermediate school. It wasn’t until he turned 21 that he started taking a real interest in playing guitar and discovered that he had an ability to write songs and sing (although he had to give up smoking to assist with his vocals). This ability slowly progressed from playing in a covers band and progressed into an originals band called Ward 19, writing rock songs tindged with a bit of punk and country influence.

Tony Lee’s debut solo album was ‘Road Less Travelled’. The album received high accolades in the press with critics loving. Tony’s ‘wear your heart on your sleeve’ approach to songwriting.

Tony’s music video for ‘All that a man can do” has been internationally recognised by making the semi finals in the ISC (International Songwriting Competition) and by getting nominated in the music video category at the Limelight Film awards in London. The video was produced by Neil Whitman who had made video’s for Chris Rea and Robbie Williams.

‘So far from the truth’ is the latest album from artist Tony Lee. The album embraces his shift to a new age country rock sound, which has been refined and embellished with catchy guitar riffs and rocking leads.

Still embracing Tony’s ‘heart on his sleeve’ style of writing, the songs cover a range of subjects including the death of his Dad, but they all come together under the banner of ‘Heartfelt songs about life’s daily struggle.

‘So far from he truth’ is Tony’s view of his world and how he thinks it should be, while admitting that he does not always see things the way he should.