Local Musicians Music Vol 5 now available on BANDCAMP
Zero – recorded by the Bay of Plenty based band “CANVAS” written by Kurt Somervell.


Fantastic turnout on Thursday. Thanks to everyone that performed lets do it again next year :).

 A word from our sponsor and founder of Local Musicians Music and The LMM Network. Throughout 2019 I will be touring solo and with my drummer Mike Hartley. Please join me in welcoming Mike to our network he brings experience as a theatre performer, drummer and bassist with a talent for songwriting, guitar and vocals. Mike will be working exclusively with me playing drums for our acoustic duo and with the assistance of Chris Barclay on lead guitar we will make up my professional trio for mostly corporate work and weddings, festivals and events that require a band. Mike’s grandfather was a drummer for the New Zealand Symphony orchestra so has been taught by one of our best. Local Musicians Music was originally set up to produce and collate compilation albums for submission to radio and eventually publishing to TV and Movies etc. The combined 5 albums have some real gems amongst the submissions, the most professionally produced of which will make it to Volume 5 to be released in Australia, New Zealand and a few European countries to start with. I’m very excited about presenting not just my own album but our joint efforts over the past 5 years to a larger audience other than what the internet provides. There is still a face to face benefit to promoting music and after meeting experts around the world at the Global Summit held last year at Roundhead studios I was compelled to book my flights and tour with as much music packed away in my suitcase as much as my clothes and stuff will allow. So on that note I bid you all a fabulous 2019, see you at one of my gigs playing under my brand name LA Thompson and lets meet up on the 30th September in Tahawai for an open home and music event to celebrate the beginning of summer. Lax

 We are excited to announce The LMM Network Summer Concert Series to be held at 94A Martray Road, Tahawai, Katikati RD3 from 11 am until 5pm. Early-bird tickets priced at $30 are limited to 50 so be in quick, children only $10. A fun filled day for the family filled with the sounds of New Zealand and guest local and international artists. For details on how to secure your early-bird email

  Celebrating her recent singles release for “Lovelight”, “Reach Out” and “It’s Raining” LA debuted her album and a mix of covers at local restaurant/bar The Porch located in Waihi Beach. If you want a table RSVP is vital as seats are limited and spill outside :).

 BnB 4 Bands is happy to introduce you to their new premises. Next to “Tahawai Bed and Breakfast” our new “Tahawai Cabin Retreat” will be built in readiness for Saturday 23rd November concert on the deck. If you want to get in early to enjoy a fantastic stay on opening day then check out the following link and book today. We are unavailable from the 27th December until 10th January (Photos will be available late October as the cabin is under construction. Fully furnished sleeping a maximum of 6 people, boogie boards and swimsuits highly recommend) TAHAWAI CABIN RETREAT 

 Congratulations Janne for your single release now available on Spotify, iTunes and all major digital distributers. Keep an eye out for this talented musician performing around Tauranga and available for parties and events both as a duo and band. You can also catch Janne at one of BnB 4 Bands lounge-room concerts which will be kicking off in late September.

 Local Musicians Music is proud to announce The Bragg Brothers latest release now available on all digital distributers.

 Thanks to NZ Caravan Association we have been advertised New Zealand wide. Our open day was and epic party. From our team at The LMM Network thank you for your continued support of original indie music.

 May saw the end of an era our network live performances at Croucher Basecamp and the beginning of another exciting venture for The LMM Network. On Saturday the 26th May BnB 4 Bands will host an open day with live music and BBQ. You can check out our event on the following LINK .

Byron Taylor owner and operator for Moments Production has done a fantastic job for both myself and Scott McB. The start of several music video releases and singles will commence on May 24th so watch out on Facebook and our website for release dates and trailers introducing you to some fantastic new songs from our talented team at The LMM Network.


Filming is completed for 3 music videos due to be released in June 2018. Brett Howes has been a member of The LMM Network since Local Musicians Music originally opened its doors for business. My Angel and Lovelight are beautiful songs written by Brett and produced by Kevin Crowe. Byron Taylor from Moments Productions flew up from Wellington to film in stunning Cooks Beach and the lovely couple you see pictured beside Brett partner lent us their grand piano and invited us to their home especially to film. The scenes even on a rainy day are breathtakingly beautiful. Fantastic work team, this is what our network is all about.

  Breaking news! Every sale made during the month of March entities the purchaser to a free membership to The LMM Network. We are available on  ITUNES LINK, SPOTIFY and GOOGLE today  Fantastic fundraiser Saturday


 Fantastic lineup, don’t miss out on a sneak preview to new songs due for release in April and May 2018. Also appearing for your enjoyment is Rose and Bruce having just got home from recording their debut singles. Well done team volume 5 compilation album will be brimming with beautiful songs.

 Available now! Simply place your order and contact for info on when, where and what will be delivered to your door!

Kicking off 2018 with a very cool lineup of talent. Chris Barclay travels from the North Shore of Auckland to Tauranga to join his fellow network members Janne Guitargirl, Paul Lethbridge and host LA Thompson for an acoustic afternoon of music.

Another huge weekend with Christmas celebrations in Drury and Tauranga. Busy time for our team so come along and enjoy our music we would love to share presses and music with you.

Byron Taylor from Moments Productions strutting his stuff in Wellington for our networks promo video.




Huge success for THE LMM CLUB OPENING NIGHT  lmm-club-3rd-dec-16  fun times at The Dogs Bollix with my team. Check out our gallery over the next few days for more pics. We are back at The Dogs

VOLUME 3  the-lmm-club-cd-cover I am happy to announce we are taking order’s for our 3rd compilation CD. A great mix of pop, country, rock, blues and a little something for you surf punk fans. You have heard our songs, seen our music video’s now you can support NZ music and musicians and purchase our CD lovingly put together for you! My team and I would like to thank you so much for all of your support over the past three years. We have gone from strength to strength. You can pre-order our CD from our shop or LA Thompson’s Facebook

The VAC (Variety Artist Club)  vac-la-thompson-september-2016-vac help every 1st Monday of the month played host to one of our own club members. LA Thompson enjoyed being included in this great lineup of talented performers


Shirley Howe  Shirley Howe pic for marketing_edited-1  Founder of MM is happy to announce!  Mediaworks which includes The Sound, Mai FM, The Breeze and More FM along with 95BFM are advertising The LMM Club in their Community News and 95BFM will also name all our Featured Artists in the lead up to opening night at The Dogs Bollix on Thursday the 3rd November. This is huge advertising for us and hopefully goes a long way to helping our nationwide NZ music club grow

Join The LMM Club LMM volume 3 cd cover  today and be featured on opening night New Zealand wide! Joss Bines is on the job designing a fantastic poster for NZ to get to know who and where we are!


Please welcome Jake Tait and his team from The Volume Collective. Radio, music production, music video’s and more! A wonderful community initiative from a bunch of innovative talented people


Check out pages 37 and 43 in NZ Musician magazine volume 19 for the latest story on The LMM Club and Local Musicians Music pioneering platform for emerging and established artists. Thanks to Richard owner of NZ Musician magazine first established 27 years ago in support of NZ music

The LMM Club Welcome to our nationwide Indie Music Club showcasing New Zealand music! Join now and receive discounts, free admission to participating venues, performance opportunities, nationwide promotions and more! Why NZ Music? So often we get to hear one good song written by a songwriter played over and over on the radio and hardly ever hear what else is on their album. The LMM Club offers a stage for all the thousands of great Kiwi songs to be covered by you!

LMM Club - NZ Musicians Mag

LMM (Local Musicians Music) is happy to announce our Nationwide Indie Artist Kiwi Music Club Open Night at The Dogs Bollix in Auckland on Thursday 8th September. Bring your instruments and NZ Songs. PA onsite no door charge. Resident Band available for those Artists wanting backing. To become a Club member please email or click HERE for your membership form. Proudly sponsored by

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LA Thompson co-hosted Radio Dunedin Breakfast Show on Saturday the 30th April with Presenter Graeme Fyffe interviewing the stunning Tina Cross to name one of our high profile New Zealand artists!