Local Musicians Music Vol 5 now available on BANDCAMP
Zero – recorded by the Bay of Plenty based band “CANVAS” written by Kurt Somervell.


Fantastic turnout on Thursday. Thanks to everyone that performed lets do it again next year :).

 A word from our sponsor and founder of Local Musicians Music and The LMM Network. Throughout 2019 I will be touring solo and with my drummer Mike Hartley. Please join me in welcoming Mike to our network he brings experience as a theatre performer, drummer and bassist with a talent for songwriting, guitar and vocals. Mike will be working exclusively with me playing drums for our acoustic duo and with the assistance of Chris Barclay on lead guitar we will make up my professional trio for mostly corporate work and weddings, festivals and events that require a band. Mike’s grandfather was a drummer for the New Zealand Symphony orchestra so has been taught by one of our best. Local Musicians Music was originally set up to produce and collate compilation albums for submission to radio and eventually publishing to TV and Movies etc. The combined 5 albums have some real gems amongst the submissions, the most professionally produced of which will make it to Volume 5 to be released in Australia, New Zealand and a few European countries to start with. I’m very excited about presenting not just my own album but our joint efforts over the past 5 years to a larger audience other than what the internet provides. There is still a face to face benefit to promoting music and after meeting experts around the world at the Global Summit held last year at Roundhead studios I was compelled to book my flights and tour with as much music packed away in my suitcase as much as my clothes and stuff will allow. So on that note I bid you all a fabulous 2019, see you at one of my gigs playing under my brand name LA Thompson and lets meet up on the 30th September in Tahawai for an open home and music event to celebrate the beginning of summer. Lax

 We are excited to announce The LMM Network Summer Concert Series to be held at 94A Martray Road, Tahawai, Katikati RD3 from 11 am until 5pm. Early-bird tickets priced at $30 are limited to 50 so be in quick, children only $10. A fun filled day for the family filled with the sounds of New Zealand and guest local and international artists. For details on how to secure your early-bird email

  Celebrating her recent singles release for “Lovelight”, “Reach Out” and “It’s Raining” LA debuted her album and a mix of covers at local restaurant/bar The Porch located in Waihi Beach. If you want a table RSVP is vital as seats are limited and spill outside :).

 BnB 4 Bands is happy to introduce you to their new premises. Next to “Tahawai Bed and Breakfast” our new “Tahawai Cabin Retreat” will be built in readiness for Saturday 23rd November concert on the deck. If you want to get in early to enjoy a fantastic stay on opening day then check out the following link and book today. We are unavailable from the 27th December until 10th January (Photos will be available late October as the cabin is under construction. Fully furnished sleeping a maximum of 6 people, boogie boards and swimsuits highly recommend) TAHAWAI CABIN RETREAT 

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