Why do I Need a Mentor or Management Team?

Being in control of your own destiny with the guidance of a fellow performing/recording artist is a recipe for fast-tracking your journey to success. Talk to our team about what you want to achieve in 2021.
Make a plan and decide on your budget. There will be solutions to the high costs to produce music and music videos and most of all I can offer partial sponsorship for marketing your fantastic product “YOU”!

Many of you write fantastic songs and have excellent stage presence. Many of you work full or part time and would love to give up your day job to work full time as a musician but unless you are also a covers artist getting paid bookings can be difficult. I take some of the hard work out because of the decades of forming connections with people in our industry who can assist me assist you. Don’t get me wrong you will have to keep working at your craft but this time you will have the support of myself and a few key people in the industry that can tell you the truth about your music. If you are open to being advised or guided then give me a call and lets discuss your budget, your aspirations and where you want to be in a year, two years even 5 years. I can help you make a plan and implement it.

Many of the members of The LMM Network have gone on to securing publishing contracts, starred on internet TV shows, been interviewed on the radio and performed alongside their peers. We had our first outdoor concert and celebrated Volume 4 Compilation album. Check out my promo video and you can see some of the very cool services I offer. There just might be something there for you.

Click on the link to view Local Musicians Music official promotions video for 2019 HERE





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