THE LMM Network and Tahawai Cabin Retreat thank you our sponsors for your continued support of indie music

We are fortunate to have our own premises to host music events. Featured artists regularly perform their own compositions at The LMM Networks headquarters in Tahawai, Bay of Plenty in New Zealand. Touring soloists and bands can take a room at BnB 4 Bands and use the rehearsal space provided. Loungeroom concerts over winer are a highlight for travellers and locals regularly pay a koha to come along and enjoy an afternoon or evening of music. During the summer months outdoor concerts are a huge attraction. 

What is The LMM Network? A nationwide and international network of individuals who perform regularly.

Can non songwriters/performers join The LMM Network? Yes everyone is welcome to enjoy the music.

Can I tour with the assistance of the network? Absolutely.

What's in it for me? Regular opportunities to perform your own compositions and network with industry people who can be influential in assisting your musical aspirations. 50% of TV quality music videos.

What is the annual membership donation ? $45 for the year.

Do I get any payment for performing? If you are on tour and want to be featured in another part of NZ The LMM Network will  secure a paid performance for you at our participating venues.

Can I perform at the other participating venues during the year? Yes.


Founder and Manager Shirley Howe (aka LA Thompson) brought The LMM Network to life on the 3rd November 2016 with an opening night at Auckland's Dogs Bollix. With over 18 month residency at Croucher Basecamp The LMM Network is now firmly established in Tauranga with a local and national following giving their team an opportunity to perform original music at a mainstream venue. Shirley say's "We are growing into a fantastic network of highly talented songwriters, film and music producers and a pretty all round awesome group of individuals who love Indie music. Everyone is welcome to join. You don't have to be a musician to enjoy good music". The LMM Network has expanded to encompass an international interest so these changes will be reflected in Local Musicians Music compilation albums and live shows during the later half of 2018.


The LMM Network is open to everyone. Come along and socialize, be entertained by fellow network members. Enjoy New Zealand's special blend of pop/country/rock/jazz in fact most genre of music is played at our club evenings.

PERFORMING MEMBERS ENJOY THE FOLLOWING: (several of these specials also apply to club members who do not perform and come along to enjoy an evening of music)

  • National and International advertising
  • 50% off your stay at Tahawai Bed and Breakfast in Katikati
  • 50% off music video filming and editing
  • Free admission to all participating venues nationwide
  • Paid live performance opportunities
  • Music gear discounts

Most importantly continued support for loyal network members and lots of fun performing live and socialising with fellow songwriters and our friends, fans and family without whom we would be playing music to ourselves and not sharing our stories!

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  1. The LMM Network is a not for profit side of Local Musicians Music and provides live performing opportunities. The headquarters for The LMM Network are located in Tahawai, Bay of Plenty in New Zealand. Anyone can support our network by donating $1 or becoming a member. Members enjoy free entry to most music shows. Contact for information on how you can become a supporter of Indie music.

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